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An entirely new direction

You’ll see plenty of luxury vehicles on the roads and streets of Weyburn, Estevan, Carlyle, Radville, and Regina. However, you’re unlikely to have seen anything like the 2024 Cadillac CELESTIQ. The CELESTIQ won’t be Cadillac’s first full-size luxury sedan and won’t even be the brand’s first fully-electric vehicle. But it will take the brand to entirely new levels of luxury, opulence, and staggering exclusivity.

The flagship of flagships

Cadillac has been in a constant battle for luxury supremacy in North America with brands from Europe and Japan for many years. But with the introduction of the 2024 CELESTIQ, Cadillac is leapfrogging almost every one of its rivals and heading for the luxury stratosphere with a model that deserves the “all-new” tag more than any Cadillac before it.

Not only will the CELESTIQ be a new flagship sedan in the Cadillac lineup for the 2024 model year, but it will also be the most exclusive and expensive model ever produced by the renowned luxury brand. Each one will be a special order, created to meet the exact specifications of its discerning buyer.

2024 Cadillac CELESTIQ Rear Driver Side Parked

Lovingly crafted

2024 Cadillac CELESTIQ EV Charging

The 2024 Cadillac CELESTIQ may resemble the brand’s new EV SUV, but the sleek lines, sweeping roofline, and dynamic stance hint at what this exciting new EV is all about. Yes, the CELESTIQ is stunningly attractive and immensely luxurious, and the performance will be something to behold. But it’s the exclusivity that will put the new Cadillac EV into a class of its own because every one will get built to order and handcrafted by a small team of craftspeople.

It may seem a little crass talking about practicalities with such a unique and exclusive vehicle as the CELESTIQ. Still, prospective owners will want to know the range is an estimated 300 miles on a single charge, and 78 miles of range can be added in 10 minutes using a 200-kW connection.

Incredible specifications

While things like exterior paint and interior design combinations will be bespoke for each individual CELESTIQ, there are some specifications they’ll all have in common. The powertrain is one area that won’t be customizable. But why would it need to be when it’s expected to produce around 600 horsepower and propel you from 0 to 100 kph in under four seconds? While it would be easy to get carried away with power and performance, the CELESTIQ is to be more focused on a comfort-orientated approach to the driving and passenger experience.

An advanced adaptive suspension setup is standard, and a rear-wheel steering system will make life easier when maneuvering the lengthy sedan into and out of tight spaces. Another striking feature will be an instrument panel inside that will effectively be a single giant display across the entire sash, measuring an incredible 55 inches.

2024 Cadillac CELESTIQ Interior Driver View

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Many cars claim to be “exclusive” or “unique.” But only a tiny handful can genuinely claim those descriptions, and the 2024 Cadillac CELESTIQ will soon join that very select club. For more information or to express your interest in placing a reservation, visit Barber Cadillac at 1 Government Road, Weyburn, SK, today, or call us at (306) 842-6531.

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